About us


 We`re Simone and Nelson, the founders of Coco & Rex.

The story of Coco & Rex all started with the birth of our little Coco.  Almost immediately after we found out we were having a beautiful baby boy, we set out to find the most comfortable yet stylish apparel we could. We were totally surprised to find that it was almost impossible to find any quality and stylish clothing.  With no other options, something had to be done.

So we did what any logical couple in this predicament would do: We bought a sewing machine.

There was just one tiny problem getting in the way of our fashion dreams: we didn't know how to sew.

Armed with a strip of fabric and some thread, we set off to work.   As each day passed, as Coco grew bit-by-bit, hundreds of hours were poured into mastering what would soon become our first product line.

We were starting to get it.

Two years later, we had Alivia (AKA Rex), which started the second half of the adventure that has become Coco & Rex.  Launching with our flagship top-knot headbands, we had turned this project into something we are extremely proud of.

We hope that you feel our energy and passion for this apparel and accessories line, Coco and Rex.